Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The Victor Laslo Moment

In Casablanca there is a scene where Victor Laslo, defying the Nazis gets the orchestra to play the national anthem of France to drown out the germans singing their own national songs. Everybody who was previously afraid to say anything stands up an joins in. They are part of something now. They no longer believe they are isolated and on the margins.

That moment has arrived. Whoever stands up now and demands the orchestra start playing over Gutless Wonder Bush and the Fox channel gets to be the hero. And not the usual everyday Best Daddie Ever Mug hero either. We're talking Patrick Henry status here.

The naked emporer is singing, a handful of sycophants are singing with him. Sixty percent of the country is not. There's the orchestra, the majority of the room is waiting. Who will stand up?



Too busy keeping up with FireDogLake, the best source on the web for following traitorgate, and the phenominal commentary by Digby and Tristero here

The analysis and commentary over this last month has been so accurate that you could calibrate scientific instruments with it.