Thursday, October 13, 2005

Traitorgate Fans - Alert

I read Bob Woodward's Plan of Attack when it first came out. It is more important as a resource now than ever since it lays out a timeline of events leading up to the war. This timeline is also part of where all of events that the criminal charges will be focused.

Consider that the White House fact checked this book in better times when they were confident of victory (or at least getting along without a prosecuter nipping at them), so there is way more detail in this book than they would ever want anyone to know today.

This is an excellent background story and reads like the best suspense fiction (since this group is strange beyond fiction). It's like being at a party and meeting people who seem normal, but then they start a video and sit in rapture as the Great Glagnar demonstrates manually cross-breeding gerbils to make a master rodent race that will fix the ozone layer by chewing latent seed pods or some bullshit--and then you're rich.

I would like to see the blogs follow up on this tidbit in the book: Hosne Mubarek calls Bush and tells him that Saddam is willing to leave Iraq if he can keep his money. In other words, a bloodless coup was offered up--and discarded by Bush himself. Bush relates this in an interview with Bob. Where have you seen this repeated?


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