Wednesday, October 05, 2005

The Torture Thing

The Medium Lobster intuits a likely scenario for explaining all of the torture that allegedly and coincidentally takes place in various US controlled prisons all over the world.
The Funt Hypothesis: Nothing but wild pranks - wild, deliberate, meticulously organized pranks on the part of the military, the CIA, the press, the Iraqis, and a host of international human rights organizations to trick America into thinking it's actually been torturing people. A couple months from now, while being led by some of its closest friends to a vaguely trendy restaurant, America will hear a bunch of abused prisoners shout "Surprise!", see Osama bin Laden pop out of a birthday cake, and be simultaneously relieved and bemused to learn that the entire War on Terror has been an elaborate joke.
I mean, there really must be some explanation that both fits with our long held prejudices worldview and can be inoffensively distributed reported to the public. Nah, lets do what we normally do, make it a salacious, fetishistic, voyeuristic, bloodsport thrillride and then turn on those we ordered to do it for us.


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