Tuesday, October 18, 2005

The Dream Date is Over

Like a stalker that has imagined the perfect date with the perfect woman, the neocons have spent all their effort to front themselves as the perfect match. Imagine a date where the man is so into himself that he does nothing but regale his date with his prowess the whole evening, truly believing that all of the accolades he heaps on himself will surely lead to the most beautiful night of delicious nirvana. Why even HE finds himself irresistable!

Well the goddess of illusion just said good night and gave Bush a sympathy pat before disappearing behind the door. Bush can't believe it! He's standing on the doorstep with his bag of lube and lace teddies! His codpiece swelling with Viagra induced torpidity. How could she not notice such full on manliness? Don't you know who I am?

If there is any small upside to the miserable, soulless cabal that is the Bush Administration, it is that their own insatiable greed for power and influence ultimately causes them cannibalize their own ranks when the goddess of illusion slams the door in their face. Someone's gonna pay for this! And who do they know? Only their own. Somebody fucked up and it wasn't me! The other ratfuckers know the game too. They don't want the failing collossus dropped on their head! They were just being good team players after all--they didn't drop the ball, they did as they were told.

The true beleivers are crecking up. Each is moving to a new way of looking at the situation now that defeat is looming. I didn't fuck up--Bush fucked me! I worked hard to put him in place for victory, not defeat. I was promised a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, now nothing? Fuck this shit!

Well, you reap what you sow you assholes. You picked a good muppet boy and angry puppeteer to start this conflagration and now muppet boy has decided he's Nobody's Fool. President CrazyBananas assayin' he gonna nonominate him some Harry-et Maieerrrrs dagummit. And you feel let down. Boo hoo. He's a burn artist, idiot. He burns 'em when he's done with 'em and now he's done with you. Live with it.


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