Tuesday, September 20, 2005

BushCo the Movie, Starring Steven Segal

I've been overwhelmed by keeping up on the events of Katrina, the most fucked up photo op platform for Bush that the faux press has participated in. Unfortunately for the ratings based press corp, even the soulless producers were ill equipped to deal with their location reporters reversion to human form. When they were faced with the actual human cost of Bush's failure, they were unable to summon their usual unctuousness and whitewash the whole fiasco. They were unable--for a moment--of making Bush a hero yet again for his unrivalled skill ot being able to stand still, squint and force out some sequence of words that--if you tried real hard--sounded almost like english and almost like sincerity.

So, we have a window here where things are fucked up because they are fucked up, instead of the media doing the Our Society is In Danger because A White Girl is Missing and if she is missing than you are next slippery-slope bullshit.

And then I read this:

Lots of people are, with good reason, somewhat fascinated by tales of the medieval Vikings and the classical Icelandic sagas make for interesting reading. Contemporary Scandinavia -- prosperous, homogenous, peaceful, egalitarian -- is infinitely duller and can only generate heroic tales by importing significant irrealism and transposing the setting to the unremittingly hostile climate of Greenland. There's surely something regrettable about this, but it would be moronic to deliberately re-engineer 11th century social conditions in order to generate better stories.

Updated: The media appears to be helpless to fact check the most outlandish rumours (massive deaths, child rapes in the Superdome). But it's not helplessness that causes them to trumpet any salacious idiocy, it's because it's just a more exciting narrative. So what if it's false? Then they get the opportunity to tut-tut over the media afterwards, like it's Those Other People up to their Old Antics and act as though they had nothing to do with it.

Yes, we're living in a Steven Segal movie. Every other action hero at leasts goes to the gym, gets in shape, and takes some real fight coaching. Segal has not use for this--quick camera cuts and angles are utilized to make his hilarious chop-socky look almost not like a demented flailing of limbs at all who confront him. And his blousy, long-sleeved shirts cover up the sagging flesh. No shirtless scenes in a Segal fight! And so it is with our hapless president. His only interest is having the production company make it look like he's doing something. He has no interest in actually doing anything other than have the truly spineless press corp and the sycophantic republicans act their part--or else.


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