Thursday, August 11, 2005

Wingnut Workings

A crash course in how the rethuglicans work is presented in concise format:

Anyone who follows American politics with a clear head knows that the GOP and its fans are constantly making up accusations out of thin air, setting off tactical smear-bombs and 'working the refs' by simply out-and-out, bare-assedly lying about having been victimized and persecuted, knowing that some percent of the charges will stick. The genius of this tactic, as I'm reminded presently, is that an accusation can be made in moments, in a sentence, while disentangling it can take minutes and paragraphs, sapiency and an audience able (and willing) to follow the threads of discourse to a reasoned conclusion. In American political life today (as on the grade-school playground), the whooping-ass liars have an advantage in that it's often simply too much trouble to figure out the truth -- and the US media is structurally handicapped against calling flaming, howling, pants-on-fire liars, 'liars,' so there you go.

Couldn't have said it any better than that. Worth reading the whole episode--another right wing nutjob completely plagiarizes some other work, and calls it their own--but that's just the boring part! When confronted with her plagiarism, she does the perfectly Republican trick of accusing the accuser of plagiarism! With more stolen content!

Via Sadly, No!


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