Tuesday, August 16, 2005

The Way I See It

Guest Post by conservative columnist Mike Rightsmith of the Plains Chronicle Journal

Freedom and Democracy are on the march! And boy is that expensive! Thank goodness we have decent Republicans around to print the free money to finance it! Republicans have taken on the thankless job of being the nation building policemen of freedom that they used to despise. But that was the pre-9/11 mindset. Today, they need our support. We know if there is going to be peace in the world it's up to Republicans to lead the way, by force if necessary. Cost is no object because hey, the intention is that it should cost less and that's what really matters. Only a terrorist sympathizer questions the motives of truth and goodness behind this global war.

And we will prevail! Success is all in how you look at it. How many car bombs did not go off today? A lot more didn't than did! And so the average car bomb to car not-bomb has dropped significantly! This is the kind of progress the Liberal media will not show on TV!

You tax and spend liberals all wanted to coddle the Arabs after 9/11. How predictable! The Republicans again showed the better way, rather than try to be all touchy-feely friendly with the Arabs, we would rebuild their whole damn country! For Free! Not one therapist in sight! And it won't cost the taxpayers one red cent because we don't raise taxes. On this point alone, Democrats will just never learn.

And to all the liberal whiners complaining about everything. Shut Up! You're not running the country, we are! If there is anything wrong, we get to say what it is, not you! And you know what? You're what's wrong! All you Micheal Moore, Ted Kennedy liberal types with your liberal ways are what brought this country down!

Your one world government plans are doomed, because while you liberals sip your lattes we are concentrating more power in the Executive branch. Your activist courts will be brought under the power of the people once again and our elected leaders will have the power to legislate and enforce law as the will of the people. The final solution being the single party domination of the all branches of government, and the ultimate power in the hands of the President of the global superpower U.S. of A.! At last, all power centralized on one office, enough to finally defeat the liberal dream of a all-powerful, world-dominating government!


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