Monday, August 15, 2005

It's the Sound Bites Stupid!

Democrats know about the degradation of discourse into media sound bites. They've apparently just decided to remain the woe-is-me victims instead of just winning with it. Republicans craft their talking points with the adroitness of the best Madison Avenue advertising craftsmen. They're perfect little soap bubbles of thought--only enough substance to create a pretty appearance and delivered with the eau du Liberal French perfume that attracts and repulses them equally. They are waiting for the slightest touch to pop into nothingness. But no one is there to do it, except the Daily Show.

The president has noted many times on many occasions that he "thinks about Iraq every single day." What is his analysis then? What is the result of all that thinking? Can we at least get a peek into that daily process?

Isn't this a bloody obvious question? Please someone ask it so that I can see dear leader's brain-crash stare one more time.


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