Monday, August 29, 2005

The Abyss Calls

Unbelievably great writing from Tom Watson:

The symbols have never been more stark: no screenwriter (even those who write farces) could have sold such a script in 2000, before the national election was pickpocketed by James Baker. Too unbelievable. A blithe, play-acting President on a bicycle on the ranch, under siege from a growing camp of aggrieved Americans while the finest, middle class youth of the nation is bled white thousands of miles away in the midst of a religious civil war triggered by the United States - with no hope of victory, no hope of Jeffersonian democracy, no hope for honor. Yes, this does sound like 1968 - minus the bicycle, and with lower approval ratings and a more mainstream opposition.

Yet, of course, the toothless, political cowardice of the Democrats must not slip away into the night of history. Particularly in this Congress, lockstep support for national security in the "time of war" has given the Administration the social checkbook it needs to write the bills for this war. Far too many Democrats went along for the ride, bought too easily into the argument that everything is different after 9-11. They missed the fact that one thing didn't change, despite the panic of the President and his little yelping terriers: we still have some national character in this country, we can't be sold a bill of goods forever, we know when to hold 'em and to fold 'em.

And folks, it's time to fold 'em. When the argument for continuing war is to merely to honor the dead that have gone before with more dead, with more wounded, with more destruction, you know the jig is up, that the military maneuver is merely in the form of a forlorn hope, destined to die for nothing. The Iraqi civil war will rage until there is no Iraq. There never was an Iraq, except as the construct of an empire and a dictator; we had no business in the squabbles of religious tribes. And we have no business in helping to write a consitution that places the lives of women at the mercy of a medieval code of sexist, moralist, symbolist humiliation and punishment. Conspiring with the mullahs against women may be George W. Bush's greatest act of treason against the world's people - and it will live in infamy.

There is nothing to this but to admit failure, and save American lives. Perhaps that is not honorable. Perhaps it leaves a vaccuum in the east, into which the hard-core religionists can step. To bad: it is done. And we need to be done.

Here's the thing I don't get about Bush's true believers: What happens when he's done with you? If you have value as Colin Powell or George Tenet did, he used them to get what he wanted and then they're gone when that value has been spent. You could say they got rewards, but really, ask yourself if you as a true believer--or not--have put value on their integrity and credibility. Was it more before they left or more today? He's done with them. He'll get a new one, use them, and burn them when it furthers his purpose (or whim). Just like you.

He's got his second term now. There is no one to please except himself, which is probably why he's back to vacationing. Republicans dominate the government as never before in this century. Where is the agenda? What about smaller government? I've had years of hearing the republican yammering against those libruls and their so called agenda. Well OK then. You're running the place now. The biggest answer seems to be hugely expensive micro-managing of the public schools. If you ask me, nothing smacks more of liberalism than No Child Left Behind, a big budget Federal mandate. Oh I forgot, it's only a liberal program when somebody else gets the benefits.

But that's where we are today, bleeding heart conservatives wanting to spend hundreds of billions of dollars on rebuilding other countries into peaceful muslim theocracies. The old people have become the new hippies. Free drugs (now Lipitor and Viagra), freedom at any price (well, sort of, we'll settle), "hey it's just money, man" deficit spending. And if you oppose the war, well "hey man, you're sending all this negative energy man, like, over to the other side - OK - and like they can pick up this energy and use it agains us man, it's not cool man." Really. What party is wearing the rose colored glasses now?


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