Thursday, July 28, 2005

OMG, Democrats have found someone smart!

How to beat the Republicans. Hey, it could happen! Now we just need someone who isn't a total dork and try to adopt some lame-ass we're concerned about morals too! and like, bad TV and rap and video games n' stuff dickhead like Joe Lieberman. Hey, Joe! STFU! You too Hillary "Grand Theft Auto is destroying our youth" Clinton.

Dammit, Hillary. That was your "hey supermarkets have like product scanner thingies in 'em." moment. You can't affort to keep handing out free bullets to the opposition. I have not doubt that Karl Rove actually pleasures himself at the thought of being able to do his magic on you.

Here's a question, how come the only Democrat that has any testicular weight at all is Nancy Pelosi?


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